True me.. Tap-353..

Johny, Johny, Yes, Papa.
Eating sugar? No, Papa.
Telling lies? No, Papa.
Open your mouth, hahaha!!

This tiny childhood nursery rhyme is still a lesson/reminder to few adults. What it teaches is; “You aren’t allowed to lie after committing a mess, no matter you are little Johny or whatever your age”. We humans are made to do amazing new mistakes & learn from it, not to repeat it. Lie didn’t work with Johny in this rhyme when his dad found sugar in his mouth. The best thing about a lie/liar is; it’s just predictable. Any moment you want to show up with a headstrong attitude towards life like a winner, first show up with your side of TRUTH.

Tap OUT..🤗

6 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-353..

    1. I understand your point about people advocating/undermining small lies. Lie is a lie, small or bigger doesn’t matter actually. Thanks for enjoying the post.🤗🤗