True me.. Tap-333..

It’s an investment of time & effort with true intention, that’s the only reason I live a life where I don’t need permission towards anything. I do accept suggestions though & most of the time I brush them under my ass. It might be an outcome of my independent nature which results some arrogance in me as well. Trying to be a better human every next day.

This time, it all started from a stupid challenge. Hit this link on 30/JULY/2020. I love it when my mind is busy with something different. Domain is already Google adsense approved. Driving some traffic with little SEO, advertisement & affiliate links will be easy as butter. Basically a complete autopilot run news website from this stubborn happy happening TAP. The categories will be limited to ENVIRONMENT, ENTERTAINMENT, FASHION, GAMES, WORLD NEWS & TECHNOLOGY. Grandpa once said; POLITICS & POLITICAL LEADERS are like cheating partners, you know they will cheat again & then pretend as if nothing happened. Politics is a big turn-off for me. Not gonna focus on political issues while designing this website, it might get little traction in WORLD NEWS category. Next, I will stop working on it before my future boo’s birthday 10-NOVEMBER or before it starts making 200 dollars Adsense advertisement revenue every single day. I give myself deadlines & that makes everything fun to achieve. I know my lust for money is rigid & I want to move on from it slowly but surely. Wishes are welcome.

Tap OUT..💪