True me.. Tap-298..

There are two types of ASSHOLES in this world:
1. Who are happy with themselves & don’t give a shit about others.
2. Who are bitter towards others & still expect shit loads of attention in exchange.

Work towards becoming the number-1.

Tap OUT..😉

17 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-298..

  1. I was angry, pissed and everything else comes with it then I opened this site, your post popped up, I realized how fucked up I am being the second asshole….. I will be the asshole whatever u do
    Nothing is making sense…. I know this is shit but that’s how I am feeling right now….. I want to be an awesome first asshole🙂

    1. Being low is not new for anyone of us, we all are humans & we go through shit. I hope & wish you feel better with time. Have a heart to heart conversation with yourself. Life is too tiny to miss some good vibe.🤗

  2. Lol … I’m never an asshole … well that I think? Lol
    I am happy- but I also do give a shit – most of the time lol ✌️ (I do have f-it moments lol)

      1. Lol… Well I’m never an asshole to others. I do care for others and if they are ok, am very serious – but would never say stupid.
        Well I did once marry and stay with Satan – so there is that lol …
        My f-it moments are when I am frustrated lol ✌️
        But never ever an asshole.

          1. Don’t be sorry, everyone has a past, good and bad… that’s how life goes.

            I guess it sorta made me better? Am stronger, won’t put up with shit, am free now? So am happy in that regard – is WAY better!!

            I can be whoever and whatever I want now without fear ❤️ so yeah – WAY happier

            I learn ALOT of lessons – which is what life is. I grow from that ✌️

              1. Hahaha yeah I don’t like to be sugar coated lol … I always tell my friends – just hit me head on with the truth … prefer that and is easier to get through when is head on

                Totally hate sugar coating lol that’s funny

                1. Yeah. I always prefer a straight forward person over a diplomatic person. There is no “MAYBE” in my dictionary, it’s either YES or NO. Life becomes so much easier with people who can be real without sugar coating bullshit.