Hardships in life come to help you realise your real potential, not to destroy you.

Friends say it’s that annoying fit bimbo who pokes me the most, I say it’s the same woodpecker to my asshole. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you bestie bitch DUMB DEMI. You are so you & I hate you for that from the core of my heart. Have a great year ahead only till I wish you again. Here is my one tight slap 👋 to your left butt cheek from 5351 miles distance for being the biggest pain in my life. Don’t get carried away by opinions of those who aren’t present in your PRESENT. Learn to understand WHY before HOW. I have been to only one city since March actually, after that I got tested twice for corona virus before entering quarantine mode. I am totally safe. Seriously my buttocks are missing a flight seat. Instead of making things in head, remove your pink shades. If I have blocked you, figure out & explain the reason behind it first. We are as big or small as our understanding. Yeah once again, I hate you.

(CLICK ON ☝️ SCREENSHOT, I wanna remind you something. Muaaaaahhhh..)