True me.. Tap-295..

There are few people in my life I ask one question before disconnecting a phone call “ARE YOU HAPPY?”

Never answered anyone “why this same question each time?”.
Today I am mentioning my only two reasons:
1. I want you to be happy.
2. I want to know whether you are casually lying with a YES, so that I can cut off another generic liar from my life.

And how will I know whether you are lying!!
Answer: Voice modulations change because you act like you are hiding something which turns usual conversation fully artificial in just few seconds. Don’t you worry, It’s always easy to catch a liar.

Tap OUT..😉

6 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-295..

  1. Some liars are really good with lots of practice… I do not know how to pick them out yet… so I’m just guarded and cautious. ✌️
    I am not skilled in detecting liars yet lol

      1. Would both love and appreciate that! You should do in a post so I can save it.

        I do block and avoid 😄 pretty much everyone lol but I wanna learn who are liars and a**holes lol

        1. Ha Ha. No matter how hard we try to guard ourselves, there will always be bunch of assholes who show interest in damaging our peace. I will write something on it for sure.🤗🤗🤗

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