True me.. Tap-292..

I started learning german language way before planning my research aspirations in Berlin. Let me teach you one word that my coordinator once mentioned while discussing the difficulties of a PhD student.

This word is SITZFLEISCH. Nobody uses it in our day to day conversations, even though it’s present in oxford dictionary.

Now the meaning; for my fellow american mates who check my blog “it’s whip yo ass kinda unpleasant work situation”, for brits “it means same as TRAVAIL or DRUDGERY”. Rest of the world “it means BUTT & STAMINA”.

Tap OUT..💪

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-292..

  1. Plenty of SITZFLEISCH these days then just to keep going in a forward direction. I thought it meant the extra flesh I am gathering on my backside due to more sitting these days.