True me.. Tap-287..

MORAL FIRST, MONEY NEXT, MORTALS COME LAST”; that’s my philosophy to live & enjoy a blunt truthful life. I value everyone’s opinion & do whatever I wanna do. The way I see everything is coming straight from the lessons I learnt during my 20 something old/young life, nobody can change that in me.

Tap OUT..👍

5 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-287..

  1. Very interesting … I always do morals first too… but the others 2 are flip flopped for me?
    Never occurred to me to put money before mortals ? Where does the richness of life lay? I can see both ways
    I’m just asking cause this interesting post kinda hit me in a way?
    I also walk to the beat of my own drummer 😄✌️

    1. I totally understand your point. Agreed. It’s not our fault actually. Society & even movies portray money or rich people in a bad way as if “MONEY IS EVIL”. Actually it’s not. We all are earning money to buy life for us & family, maybe a better life compared to our yesterday. Money is a important lesson irrespective of age number. If anyone can make any amount of money using their skills without hurting others, I see it as a positive thing. In my dictionary, people always fail to pass the test of time & money helps to regain balance of life.

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