True me.. Tap-259..

We struggle with insecurity because we compare ourselves behind the scenes with everyone else’s winning streak highlight reel.

Tap OUT..🤗

2 thoughts on “True me.. Tap-259..

  1. 🤔 … nope… not where my insecurities come from… but I’m American 🇺🇸 lol ✌️ – does that make a difference? lol
    My insecurities come from being able to trust someone – I really could care less about anything else BUT trust. Can’t even think of anything more important than that!
    So that is where my insecurities are – In trust… not who or what I compare to. ✌️
    I love to see others rise up or win!! Especially if I love them! Or know how hard they have worked…
    I am happy and excited for others wins! I never think to compare myself to anyone! If anything – I am excited for them because I can relate those wins – to wins of my own and I know that pleasure too… makes you smile
    But not to compare …
    I wouldn’t fit anyway. Square peg – not round
    But I love my own square 🟪 ❤️ I am unique! I don’t pay attention unless you catch my attention
    But to trust… yeah that would be my insecurity … not because I compare to anyone else … but because I wanna know if I can trust you to be face value. I don’t want to guess or compare – show me who you are…
    With trust – I feel secure
    Without – I do not ✌️

    1. I mentioned “behind the scenes”. People will be like this. Trust is earned. If someone isn’t worth it, be brutal about it & drop them, move on. Thanks for your amazing words, “hi” from Tap.