Imbalanced biscuits!!

Yeah pizza & cheesecakes are eating my abs. Right now is the right time to balance it.

Friends always ask me about diet. I have 4 equally proportionate same meals in my breakfast/lunch/snacks/dinner. Here how each meal looks:

  1. 6 minute boil- 4 egg whites & one egg yolk.
  2. 175 grams of roasted chicken breasts.
  3. Semi boiled (baby carrots, broccoli) & raw (cucumber, spinach leaves) topped with crushed black pepper, Himalayan pink salt & few drops of apple cider vinegar. (That’s my 350 grams salad apparently.)
  4. A banana, some kiwi or strawberry to kill my urge for sweet at the end. Yes that’s all where I score carbohydrates.

University life helps me stay active & always on the go. No supplements at this stage. I don’t think I even need it. I carry some protein bars when I am travelling. Loving life for what it is, a TRUE TOUGH me is the end goal.

Tap OUT..💪