Random E-Mail Reading!!πŸ’”

This is the last one. Please don’t make me do this. I don’t do personal readings. I don’t read tarot cards for making money. It’s just my fun thing to do. I hate talking about relationships. I still do some collective readings surrounding planetary positions, not looking at anyone’s birth chart or specific zodiac. Just because there is an E-Mail address in my about page, Don’t misuse it.

Btw, I am touched by your story. Been through enough in my past as well. One thing I would suggest to anyone who sees this “Don’t give your energy to someone who doesn’t reciprocate equally”. This is both for relationship & work situations as well.

OK Merlin, Straight to your Reading:

1. You are left out in cold by your person. I don’t care what’s the reason.

2. Strength: You are either dealing/dealt with the situation with enough strength till now.

3. Three of Wands: This is a waiting card. I don’t know what the fuck you are waiting for.

4. Page of Pentacles: This past person is going to offer something in terms of communication or love before July. But it’s a page. Page is the smallest thing/offer in tarot cards. It may seem nothing to you & it’s close to nothing as well.
Skip it if possible, don’t take prisoners back.

If this shit is literally going on since last September, shut this chapter. You have better things coming in. Waiting for that worthless dickhead is blocking your blessings. Universe always plans better things for you looking at your Karma. Stop waiting, focus on your own growth. Better things/people will follow you.
Last tip for you: the second card, that’s a LEO card. Focus more on this in case you are newly connecting to a LEO or any fire element person. Doesn’t need to be fire element or Leo, it can be someone around you who is independent & entrepreneurial or passionate towards a better future. Whether you start old or new, don’t hesitate to speak your entire clear cut Truth. Actually you are connecting to someone as I see in another card spread, some Aries or Cancerian. Passion & respect towards each other is strong. It may move slowly towards a long-term commitment, take your easy time of a year or two. Not gonna share more.

Certain things work under divine timing. You deserve a better you.

(Did this reading before 16 days, was confused whether to post it or not. Don’t want to engage in E-Mail conversations with random peeps, that’s why posted here. Nothing to be worried, it will not happen again.)