Tarot for June 2019..

Just trying. Please don’t take it seriously. I am not a pro yet. But, this can be a good suggestion, I hope so.

The cards are saying;

Don’t engage in disputes/negativity related to career, family, finance or relationships.

The tower: Let the tower crumble, just scratch everything that’s not serving you before universe takes that decision for you. It can be a stagnant behaviour, unpleasant job, addiction, toxic friendship or relationship; detach yourself from all negativity. For me, tower is not a bad card. You may go through a heart break or a bad period of time depending on your situation. The best part is; you have a window of opportunity to begin from a clean slate, a brand new beginning.

Help yourself before helping others. & Please help others with materials or healing. Find the right balance in your life. Believe in equal give & take.

The sun: All sneakiness around your path will come out, no matter who is the culprit. Which means you have the clear picture on where to move under the bright light & guidance of your intuition. You understand now what’s suiting you on the longer run; applicable to career, investment, finance or relationships. This is the best card in tarot deck, it’s your wish fulfillment.

In short; a good month to cleanse toxicity & have some materialistic gains. Stay positive. Vibe right. Don’t ask me about relationship advices, it’s all about how true you are to yourself. At the end, you are the creator of your own life. Suggestions just show you right path.