No Love.. Not in a hurry..

Not gonna lie. Sometimes I feel like, I should have that special someone just for me 24/7. Someone who can hear me out & hold me even when the distance is physical or emotional. Yes it’s really important for a healthy lifestyle & a synchronous sex life when you are together with a legit person. You need a life partner who can stand the test of time. Basically that’s what you expect in love. And that makes you vulnerable to situations where people start misusing you.

Now I am working on my money bag. It will not take more time. The best part, people who are joining my journey are making me weak. I am loving my life now, eventually that’s more important. Self love is something you need to manifest first. Most people misunderstand self-love with selfishness or hatred to someone in past. That’s wrong & those people should focus on cleaning their mind first.

I am definitely not ready for love. But I am ready for a exciting life. A life with true people & genuine feelings of equally shared goodness. Loving it & living it to the optimum level best of my capabilities. ­čśéMaybe that’s my hot feature now. Understand your worth, then your demands from self & your other person. If someone is not meeting your expectations, try to make them understand life. If it’s still hollow, just move on. You all deserve a better life with abundance & happiness.