I only lie at work…

Yeah. That one person whom i dared to express my love without a next thought. Because, i felt that sense of security in her words. That warmth which was so selfless, it was screaming that’s mine. I think, that’s a one time feeling. When you get it, you don’t compare it to rest. Love is not about getting the best, it’s about someone’s effort of filling the vacuum in you.

Yes, some diggers came & escaped. People will always be selfish, they will always find a way to see their gain & harm you while leaving. Yeah, DIGGERS.

I am away from home since a long period of time, I don’t connect to so many things like any other person & the best part is; i am not the right person anyway for anyone. That’s the reason i laugh at trolls & who try to show me my spot. Because the truth/lie/bad side of me you want to show is just 50, i know the 100.

This post has nothing to do here. I just wanted to convey something those who care for me; you make my day, you make me feel alive, i owe you lots of love & time. Relationship is not the big key. It’s not about finding someone. It’s that one hit or miss, then you have to work on it to make sure it’s beautiful as it used to be. Life is beautiful. Make more out of it.

Friends; No, You are the family i see. In a usual day, i use at least a hundred curse words involving you & your sister/mum. 😂😂. I am not gonna ask a SORRY for that anyday. But i am really SORRY for you, you & all of you deserve a much better human instead of this stupid TAP as a friend in your next life. This one is going to be all about me. I love it, when i hear the talking point is “TAP”. I wasn’t like this before few years. You motherfuckers ruined me. I mean, since the day “TAPAN” became “TAP”; i am the one who has gone spoilt. Just talking my heart out.

Yeah. Few more days. Next address. Berlin it is.

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