Dianabol: The harsh Truth of fitness..

There are no shortcuts for fitness, muscle building or fatloss. It’s a life long ongoing process which will take immense amount of hardwork & dedication.

Now. Let’s jump to the topic; What’s dianabol?

Answer: The chemical name of this thing is METHANDROSTENOLONE. It’s an answer of USA to Russia. It all started to win more number of Olympic medals. When Russia (Soviet union at that time) won too many medals in 1940-50 using testosterones; an pharmaceutical company in USA called CEBA discovered this shit in 1958. All American athletes started performing like a pro in Olympics. Then, you know what’s happening. 
Dianabol is a extension to something like artificial testosterone derived drug.

What are the side effects: 

1. Androgenic side effects. Which results to acne, baldness, skin rashes, voice cord damage, hair issues & clitoris longing (in women).

2. Estogenic side effects. Body water retention, Methene level push.

3. Cardiovascular. Imbalance in LDL & HDL. It increases the bad cholesterol levels in your body. It clogs the blood vessels.

4. Testosterone. I am talking about natural testosterone. The entire testosterone levels of body will drop. Which results in impotency most of the time. Natural hormonal imbalance.

5. Hepatotoxicity. Dianabol is a composition of C17: alpha alkylated anabolic steroid. It has a toxic nature which damages liver at a rapid 3000% percent fast rate.

Last suggestion & request: Just stay away from this drug or any supplements which is connected to this shit. Life is more fruitful the natural way. Let’s make this world of fitness drugfree together.

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