How much i travel!! A small glimpse of me!!

Every month i receive a mail called “GOOGLE MAPS TIMELINE”. That gives me a small relaxation & a 4-Second smile. From an hopeless broken Tap to an employee, then a tiny health supplement business person; When i look at my past I am still the worst example of anything bad you can imagine. When someone tries to scold or blame me; i just laugh at it, thinking that person just doesn’t know i am/was a way bigger asshole than he/she just said.

But, Life is always good. Trust me, the best day you can work to get & enjoy the max of you is today. & It will guarantee a tomorrow that’s simply gorgeous than you ever thought. Now i have some strong-sober friends who force & inspire me every single day to keep moving up. There is that one awesome person who isn’t able to wake me up with a “Good morning kiss” because i still don’t know how to go asleep. Things are changing in my life after a long period. I am on the go. I never ever thought this average scorer of senior high school & engineering school will make it to join a PhD program.

So, what’s more on the table. More & more travel. Finishing my PhD in next 3 years. Changing to a new country & new city again. Before leaving this city, i will be going to few orphanages in Bangalore & Mumbai to distribute some groceries+stationeries as my first efforts towards giving it back to society.

This blog will go through a make over. YES, i am a materialistic person. The domain is going to change, you will see some personalized marketing or advertising stuff somewhere. Pardon if it doesn’t connect you. Hope & wish everyone reach their spot of happiness soon.