Say NO to SUGAR.. WHY!!

Eating too much sugar can certainly lead towards weight gain, sharp mood swings. Yes, it’s an addiction & more dangerous then fat.

Let’s measure all the down sides of sugar or benefits of quitting sugar.

  1. You will overcome a serious addiction if you quit sugar. Sounds funny but studies show sugar is more addictive then cocaine.
  2. Your breath will get better from the first week of stop taking sugar. Sugar just doesn’t cause gum or cavities. It is an awesome source of food for bacterias of mouth. In such conditions they reproduce more quickly resulting in a terrible breath. (Want to be more successful with the opposite sex, you better stop any form of sugar immediately)
  3. Sugar even linked to the development of numerous lunch conditions. So lowering sugar intake results in weakening asthma symptoms.
  4. Increase brain power. It dulls the brain activity up to 36%. (So if exams are around better you stay away from chocolates).
  5. You will be less likely to have Alzheimer’s disease. There is a chemical called BDNF (Brain Derived Neurotrophic factor), it helps the brain to form connections & makes new memories. Drop in this factor is linked to consumption of high sugar.
  6. You skin will look younger. Giving up sugar is inflammatory. Inflammation is a known cause of acne.
  7. A good heart health. People who eat too much sugar have a much higher risk of heart attack. Sweet soda & arrayed drinks are a trigger of coronary heart disease. Less sugar means less insulin, drop in the level of average heart rate. Your blood pressure will also decrease. Your heart & blood vessels will have less work to do. So, stroke or artery diseases will be less likely.
  8. Less bad cholesterol. High sugar increases level of bad cholesterol and blood fats, that can clog your blood vessels leading to severe heart conditions. Which can be a huge threat to life.
  9. Much better mood. Being irritable after you say No to sugar is normal. Because temptation is everywhere. Saying no to all forms of sugary super delicious things is a bit tricky. But when you are done, when diet will change, you will feel much better. Studies show people who eat less sugar or no sugar are rarely diagnosed with depression. The world around you will change, when you will change your diet habits.
  10. You will get a good sleep. High sugar intake interface with your normal energy levels. It’s OK to feel sleepy or sluggish after giving up sugar. But when your body adopts to it, your body will be super active throughout the day. & You will be ready to sleep when the bedtime comes. Your day/night cycle will be more naturally balanced.
  11. You will be less likely to have diabetics. Eating too much glucose develops high insulin resistance. It means high sugar can get in & get stuck in the blood stream. Which will lead to prediabetic & then to real disease.
  12. Low risk of having any kind of cancer. Cancer is not just but an unwanted cellular growth in a bad bad way, sugar is an easy energy source for them. Pancreatic cancer is often linked to high sugar intake.
  13. Sharper eye sight. Fluctuation in insulin & glucose levels lead to vessel damage & decrease blood supply to your eyes. As a result the eye sharpens drops. In such conditions myopia or cataract may develop.
  14. You will lose weight fast. When you eat a lot of sugar especially fructose, you are very likely to overeat. The pancreas is forced to produce more insulin & other hormones that regulate metabolism digestion and weight are neglected. The body sends to wrong signals of snacking or hunger when you will end up consuming more sugar fooling yourself.
  15. Less visits to doctor. Your immune system is seriously affected by consumption of large amounts of sugar. You are protected from bacteria & viruses by white blood cells. Their efficiency drops drastically when you eat glucose, fructose or honey. Sugar also causes development of cavities & gum disease. So less visits to doctor & dentist.

You will save an crazy amount of money. Eating sugar, then doctor-dentist-dermatologist, because of health-teeth-acne or skin related problems, let’s cut that somewhere. Use the saved money on travelling, buying new clothes (yeah you need a lot of them after losing those extra pounds), or develop a hobby that was unaffordable before. Share it between your friends & family for a happy-happening life.

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