Career-Love-Fitness.. Where/What/When/How!!

One of the biggest challenge that youngsters face is impatience. After being at a Job for few months, if it’s not their ‘DREAM JOB’, they bump into new one. But the problem is you won’t know that in a few months especially when you’re entry level. So if you are going to just take a Job at least use it as an education.

If it’s not the Job you love, then learn. Learn from the bad leadership & decisions you are experiencing. Learn from the things that you like & you don’t like.

Not to mention the fact that finding a great Job is not like a scavenger hunt. You don’t look under a rock/mountain a be like, ” yeepee I found it, Here’s a Job I adore”.

A great career/dream Job/a fulfilling career is like a great relationship. You don’t find love either like a SURPRISE. You can’t just say yourself someday “Oh, I found the person I love”. That’s not how it works!!

You find somebody who really loves you for you, respects your thoughts/opinions/decisions. & You work hard every single day to stay in love. It’s not something you can take for granted. After you fall in love, you have to keep on working at it.

It’s like going to gym/do some workouts, you have to work really hard every single day to get into shape. But, once you are in shape, you actually have to keep going on. You can’t stop.

You want a great relationship, you have to work hard to form that great relationship & then you have to work at it when you are in it.

Careers are the same. You have to work hard to find what you like & when you get it. The feeling of “Oh my gosh, I really love it here” must be there. Then the work continues to stay in love. It’s not something you just find, not some miracle. And If you think it’s that way, then you are going to keep going from Job, to Job, to Job, to Job & unfortunately you will never find what you are looking for.

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