Breakfast!! Why & how!!

First rule: Whether you are hungry or not/dieting, Never skip it.

Empty stomach at morning means higher risk of diabetics & heart disease. & It’s not going to help in weight loss you are dying for.

What to eat!!

  1. Go NUT: almond, pistachio, cashew, peanut & walnut. These nuts carry some vital nutrients to kick your morning with high fibre, protein & healthy fat resulting good heart health.
  2. Coffee, Yes BLACK: Good cardio vascular health. It decreases the risk of Alzheimer’s disease.
  3. Tea: Weight loss, anti oxidant, cancer fighting antibodies, protect heart, stronger teeth & bone.
  4. Go GREEN: Enough of that sugary fruit smoothie. Let’s change it a bit. Go for a smoothie which includes spinach, broccoli, cucumber & anything that looks green. Just grind & drink.
  5. Fruit & Berries: Always prefer berries over fruits. & Avoid that fruit juice, prefer eating fruit & whole fruit.
  6. Bread & Cereals: Yes please. Go for any whole grain bread & cereals. Whole grains pack all needed vitamins & minerals that’s actually gets eliminated during refining process of fine flours.
  7. Greek Yogurt: It’s probiotic, Helps in weight loss & a strong immune system.

I have summed it up in a way to deal with your day to day nutritional demands of your body. Start a day with something good. Hope this post helps all who asked me for suggestions related to breakfast & what’s the stuffs to pack for avoiding a health hazard in the making.

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