Yotaphone 3: The smartphone i am waiting for!!

The last time I used the first gen Yotaphone in 2015. Which was sold exclusively via Flipkart in India, I can still remember how hectic it was to get a hands on!! Thanks to my bro (Rishi) who helped me out. That time I just bought this phone looking at it’s dual display.

This time when I got this news in my Google Feeds, it really makes me feel happy to see this brand carry forward it’s line up with Yotaphone 3. I am not a Apple/Samsung fan. I really hate it when brands just sell that logo instead of something new to a customer. In this current market of smartphones, it looks like every gadget is a piece brick. For a person like me, this is big. Innovations like this must come forward despite of success or failure. This is my most awaited smartphone.

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