Why i hate marriages!!

Before few decades, after a marriage the girl used to go to boy’s home & that girl’s family was not able to contact her for months; Because of no telephone or smartphones.

Today my neighbor guy is getting married to his neighbour girl. & That girl’s mum-dad were crying when she left home to reach that neighbor boy’s home.

& People were laughing at looking those fakeass tears. Idk when I will get married, but I will not be able to tolerate this bullshit anyday.

If you really miss your son/daughter/parents; simply book a flight, move your butt, reach them.

Or yes, WhatsApp video call, Skype is there. Don’t make a mockery of yourself.

Now a days, whether it’s a boy or girl; they have to switch to other city or country for studies/Job. & Trust me; both parents & kids are already habituated to stay away from each other. Just to capture that stupid dubious crying moment in camera; please don’t make a dick out of yourself. Not needed. Not worth it.