Bad Skin Food!!

Avoid the foods listed below. & Stop complaining about the bad skin tone, acne, age spot, wrinkles, fine lines, many more that you can imagine related to skincare routine.

If you are a working professional (just like me) who is still dreaming to slay that 6 pack abs game or some student/oldie/house wife whoever you are; This post is for you. Because a good skin is not just needed for a pretty face, skin is the first protective layer of your body which takes the first hit related to any disease or injury. A healthy skin is a must before thinking about an happening delightful life.

So. Let’s go for what not to eat in your all day to day routine for a younger, clean & healthy skin. The list as follows;

  1. DAIRY: All dairy products stimulates extra oil in your body causing pore clog. Which will result in acne in most cases. (The worst lies on this planet are SKIMMED MILK, LOW FAT BUTTER & FAT FREE CHEESE)
  2. SALT: Iodine retains extra body water causing puffy & flamy skin. If you can’t skip higher salt intake & super serious about those tastebuds; add some Omega-3 related food or take Omega-3 fish oil capsules. Omega-3 helps in keeping that healthy fatty acid rate high & it keeps skin moist+uninfected.
  3. BAD CARBOHYDRATES: Google it to know more about foods with bad carbohydrates. It’s essentially foods with higher GI (Glycemic Index) value. Like a bag of potato chips, which is a just a skin disaster helping you age early.
  4. SUGAR: It completely ruins the skin collagen production. Results in a rapid skin ageing. So if you love sweet or sugar, eat fruit; it has higher fructose & anti oxidant which will help you look younger for longer.
  5. ALCOHOL: Causes dehydration. Resulting poor, dull & dry + less vibrant skin.
  6. SHELLFISH: This includes prawn, lobsters & other sea foods. They contain high iodine levels which will hold water in your body causing a baggy skin tone & layers of unwanted skin fat.

Now that I have mentioned what not to eat!! Let’s also include what to eat for a younger & vibrant skin, I will answer in one line. “That’s all rich color natural food”.

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