How to get rid of mid 20 Crisis!!

I am making a post about it because I am there & I experienced the same as you (if you are in that 24-26 age group).

This post will help you for a clean, happening, less stressed, fun-filled & calm life which you are going to experience in a long run. Just measure these steps in your day-to-day routine. Maybe change some habits you are stuck at somewhere within what I am going to say!

  • Say NO to a fancy Credit card: Don’t jump over with some thoughts over it. I am just saying to avoid that lux of higher credit score & higher expenses. It never works the way you think. So, never flaunt a credit card.
  • Don’t advertise to be fashion frenzy. Like that you will create a perception about you inside you, which is not you. Stay as subtle & simple you are. In fashion world the less is always classy, remember this.
  • Got salary, Fuck; let’s party. Nope, STOP there. If you have a thought like this, trust me you & your future is literally fucked.
  • No EMI for some stupid Tech: The latest iPhone & some new gadget will pull you close. But, remember everything has a life. Now a days a smartphone, new smartwatch or something which is so new has just a life of 4 months. Track market, wait a while. You can pick it without worrying for almost 40-50% less price in 4-5months. So, just save how much you can & pick it accordingly. Don’t go for a credit card EMI. I am sad that, I can’t say the same for buying a house, for that you have to get in touch with someone who has a bit more knowledge & wealth then I got.

After all what are those things you have to adapt & say YES.

  • Health insurance (the one your employer is providing is pretty basic, buy another one with some good options).
  • Stock market Investment (Follow my blog, I bark about it often).
  • Long term equity holding (Google for more & Gain a bit more knowledge about share/stock market).
  • Retirement plans: Yes, In terms of 2017 standards of diet & lifestyle, I can say you won’t be able to work after 45. Your body will give up because of that 6-7-8 hour workload infront of a monitor & sitting on a chair. So, take an retirement plan of 20 easy years.
  • Mutual funds (You have got a brain, pick the best by consulting the right person).
  • Passive income (Do a bit research).

    After saying it all why I am not talking here about workout, alcohol, party, making friends & having sex; because that will open another new field of some generously long post (I am not capable of that). But, I will convey that with fractions.