Gym/Workout/Sports Suppliments which make a dig in you!!

Don’t spam my IG with your next question. Read it throughly. The only thing you need for a good gain or shredding is three equal healthy green diet with some chicken-egg-red meat-fish-prawn everyday.

    Just a scoop of whey protein is enough for faster muscle recovery & mass building.

    Avoid these Suppliments & save a bang on your bucks.

    • BCAA (Branched Chain of Amino Acids): Delivers leucine, isoleucine & valine. They are all present in the whey protein box/packet you purchased. Extra consumption will not trigger any higher rate of protein synthesis in your body. Your day to day diet is the key. But, people who are into cutting or shredding can take advantage of it in.
    • Fat Burners: They simply contain some caffeine & green tea extracts in most of the cases. Some big brands also use L-Carnatine in this. I will suggest you to pump up your workout a bit more.
    • Glutamine: Your body produces enough, don’t fuck your wallet.
    • CLA(Conjugated Linoleic Acid): This is just a non stimulant fat burner without right diet. Try a black coffee without sugar or add a sugarfree/stevia.
    • ZMA (Zinc Magnesium Aspartate): This provides a better sleep because of high magnesium level. Try to stay stress free & you can get a better sleep naturally.
    • T Boosters (Tribulus Terristris): They don’t help in testosterone levels boost or muscle mass increase. But, yeah higher libido for sure, which means better sex drives.