Switching to KETO DIET..

Before having so many doubts about it. Just Google it. It’s not new. But, as a working person, following a routine becomes impossible at every end. So, here is my journey. I am yet to start from tomorrow morning 8am.

But Yeah, whether you are a HE or SHE, you can join in. Why Keto? In my words, I need a body detox & below 8-9% body fat. This one looks easy as I gave it a shot a month back for a week, & within that week I lost 3.6kilo weight. After that one week I became intolerant towards my favourite PAPA JOHN’s ALL MEAT PIZZA. So I am a late starter here.
Challanged by a friend/brother, now I am up with it. For more, keep switching to to this space. From diet to my small workout routine, I am going to share everything. Yes, everything. If a lazy ass like me can do it, you can do it with ease.
Remember one thing, being fit is your Right & Duty. Neglecting it will invite a small or big health issue. Do it before you are forced to. #TapON